Codasip Announces Latest RISC-V Processor

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The Newest Codasip RISC-V Processor is Ideal for IoT Designs Brno, Czech Republic – August 21st 2017 – Codasip, the leading supplier of RISC-V® embedded CPU cores, today announced the newest addition to their Berkelium (Bk) family of RISC-V processors. The Codasip Bk-1 processor is an FSM processor targeted at the Internet of Things (IoT) by offering ultra-low power, the …

What is RISC-V?
Why Do We Care and Why You Should Too!


I’d like to start by talking about the biggest misconception regarding RISC-V. Many of you who have heard about RISC-V likely believe it is an open-source processor … but it is not. So what is it? RISC-V is an open specification of an Instruction Set Architecture (ISA). That is, it describes the way in which software talks to an underlying …

A better Way to embed

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3 Ways to Create Better Connected Devices for the Internet of Things By now we’ve all heard how the Internet of Things is going to dramatically change our world. Very soon too, we’ve been threatened loudly by the press. These days it is hard to visit a tech company’s website or attend a tech trade show without feeling “IoT” has …