Codasip doesn’t just allow you to modify our RISC-V processors.
We encourage you to optimize them so your products
will outperform your competitors!
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    Codasip is the leading provider of RISC-V processor IP, having introduced their first RISC-V processor in November 2015.

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    Codasip is unique in providing their processors with high-level tools that enable you to modify the RISC-V cores, to automatically create your design kits, and to profile your software.

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    Codasip offers a verification environment that ensures correctness and compliance with the RISC-V ISA specification.

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    Codasip is the only processor IP vendor to make it fast and easy to explore opportunities in RISC-V processor optimization … optimization that will make your design extraordinary!

RISC-V processors

Start with our RISC-V processor IP and select the right configuration combining standard ISA with optional or custom hardware extensions for your unique chip! Codasip is the first IP vendor of RISC-V compliant processors honored as the most popular IP of 2016 by the Design & Reuse website.

CODIX Processors

When RISC-V doesn’t fit the bill, a good start would be Helium and Titanium. Our Codix Cores with their unique ISAs and architectures are tailored for specific needs of your embedded software and provide a significantly lower total cost of ownership.

Custom Processors

In the matter of weeks, Codasip’s customization tools allow effective modifications targeting high-performance, low area or low power. Even more, our design always goes hand in hand with automated verification for achieving high-quality and outstanding IPs.


Get the best of both worlds with the rich and rapidly growing ecosystem of RISC-V and the incredible flexibility of Codix Cores. RISC-V represents the future of extensible ISA designs.

CODIX Processors

The flexibility to adapt to any design, and an architecture to match every need. Codix processors represent the new generation of embedded processor technology to deliver incredible performance, low power, and significantly lower total cost of ownership..


Bring your truly unique processing application to life, quickly and easily using Codasip’s unique processor IP generation technology. Do in days what would otherwise take months using traditional methods.


Based in the heart of Europe (the Czech Republic), Codasip is a rapidly growing company focused on redefining embedded processing for the IoT era through groundbreaking IP and automation technology.

Silicon proven by our RISC-V and Codasip Studio customers

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