• Codix Cores

    Extensible processors and
    subsystems for any application

  • Codasip Studio

    Highly automated ASIP development
    based on open standards

  • ASIP Services

    Design and modeling services
    to jumpstart your ASIP design

  • ASIP Design Network

    The only open industry-wide ecosystem
    dedicated to ASIP technology

A better way to embed

Your design is unique, so why isn’t your processor?

Make your product stand out from the crowd with processor IP optimized for your unique embedded software. How will you leverage a 10x improvement in compute performance with no increase in cost or risk?

Codasip's Codix Cores are tailored to your embedded software, with no processor design experience required. All cores are supplied with open, industry standard, tools that have been automatically adapted to fully understand the unique capabilities of your unique processor.

For experienced processor designers that want to get more hands on, we provide Codasip Studio - the same development tools we use internally - so you can create the processor of your dreams.